Autumn is coming!

I don’t know if it was the rain we have had recently or the fact that Christmas cards are now in the shops…but I suddenly had the urge to paint some pumpkins….was it the lush orange and reds, such feel good colours?  Who knows, but I chose my canvas and then played with different shaped pumpkins in different places.  The challenge was that I wanted one with a different perspective but at first struggled to get the shape right! 


I then had a eureka moment…I had taken a photo about 4 years ago of my granddaughter Evie, sitting next to pumpkins at Over Farm in Gloucester. After reminiscing about how she has grown, I put pencil to paper and then paint to canvas.  

Once I had painted the pumpkins I felt my piece still lacked something.  I didn’t want it to be a ‘still life’ and therefore wasn’t keen to add leaves so at first I added folk arty style scrolls tumbling from the stalk of my large pumpkin…I wasn’t happy (Trev didn’t think they worked either lol) so they had to come off which meant more blending on my pumpkins to put them right!  I then hung my canvas in my studio and didn’t touch it for a few days.  

Finally last night using my background colours, I stenciled scrolls and letters….now I am VERY happy 🙂

Fancy painting another ‘girl’ next…hope you’re having creative fun!
Til next time…
Dawn x 

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