Beautiful Gerberas all round…

WOW…what can I say?  This week my mini Gerbera art course came to an end and my ladies produced fantastic canvas’s.  Each one was so unique even though they all had the same colours and followed the same techniques.

We used my favourite medium acrylics, with mediums to slow down the dry time so we could blend our colours to give shadows and highlights. Once the petals were finished we slip-slapped our centres to give texture.

We had so much fun, lots of laughter for sure and from what they said this week, they will miss our arty Thursday nights….me too!

I hope they are inspired with what they have learnt, to have another go at home maybe using a different colour theme….all my workshops come with written step by step notes so that your creative journey continues away from the Paint Palette studio 🙂

Happy painting…

Dawn x

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Gerberas all round…

  1. They look great, I agree it must be the teacher. Well done. How many weeks did they take to complete? Looks like a lot of work x

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