Dina Wakely visit 2016


Well it’s over 24 hours since I arrived home from Yorkshire and I think I have just about come down to earth!  For me the last few days have been absolute arty heaven.  It’s very easy when you teach classes, to not get round to going to some yourself and my resolution for 2016 was to change that.

My journey ‘up North’ was a bit eventful as I should have got off the train at the stop before Harrogate but didn’t realise this until I was wandering around Harrogate centre at 8.30pm looking for a Premier Inn that wasn’t there!  Luckily for me I asked a wonderful couple for directions and as I obviously looked like a damsel in distress, they popped my case in their boot and drove me to my destination 🙂

I have admired Dina Wakely’s artwork for a while so once I knew she was coming over from the States I made sure I had a place on two of her workshops.  Her style of art is very loose and really makes you think for yourself, in her words “art +mess = fun” and she is dead right.

On Thursday she taught us how to do ‘painterly faces’…..no definition and precise detail but just getting the features in the right place so you know it’s a face.  I learnt loads but I think I would use this knowledge in a different way as my faces look a bit scary ha ha.

On Friday our project was a long mixed media scroll…so many layers which together produced an amazing piece of art.  We were all thrilled with how our pieces turned out and Dina got us to line them up outside the studio for a photo call!  Today as my piece had cured, I could journal around my focal point with a white pen…I scribbled my thoughts of my time with Dina and now all that’s needed is a black frame.

Dina was great fun and I made some lovely friends, Nathalie from Belgium who had to share her workspace with me lol and Sue from Bristol who made me laugh so much!

Tomorrow I have promised myself an afternoon in my studio, playing with all the Dina Wakely goodies I bought at the workshop….paints, brushes, stamps and stencils….oh yes….I’m in heaven.

The answer to the question, “will you be doing this as a workshop?”…….you bet 🙂

Dawn x



4 thoughts on “Dina Wakely visit 2016

  1. Hi Dawn, great pictures !!! See you came back home safely. I did too and hopefully before the attacks ! It was so much fun … miss it here. I’ve started to play with the “goodies” I brought back and realize it’s not so easy !!
    Saturday and sunday workshops were good too – we made canvas paintings. She gave all kind of exercices to get there : drawing lines – shapes – etc … It was fun. I had to cut the canvas off the wood to take it back. Missed sharing tables with you. Sunday we made a book – preparing first all the elements and then assembling it.
    I hope you had a nice easter celebration. hope to hear from you.

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