Our Creative Scrolls…….

Today was amazing….total….100% free painting that gave everyone the chance to be a creative artist!  After spending two wonderful days with Dina Wakley from the States back in March, I couldn’t wait to share what I had learnt.

We started by gessoing our canvas which we then hung on the line to dry lol.

Then we got to play with lots of vibrant colours, using a colour wheel to guide us, as well as stamps and stencils, lifting and placing colour as we went……we also used what seemed like a ton of kitchen roll and baby wipes!


We then used neutral colour to bring parts of our designs forward and decided on our focal point, dripped colour to pull our design together….I never knew drawing a circle could  be so scary….sorry girls!!

After using my favourite pencil the Stabilo ‘All Black’ for added shadow and definition, we finally added white text to our design…..to tell a story….splattered with dark paint and held up our canvas’s with pride lol.

Wonderful workshop with lots of messy fun and my cream cake went down a treat too….I can’t believe it all went!

Have fun being creative….it feels SO good.

Dawn x


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