Tree mixed media fun, fun, fun

Yesterday was such fun….not only did my students create wonderful mixed media trees but they said they had such a great day being totally 100% lost in mixed media heaven and as a teacher that is always so nice to hear 🙂

We used texture paste and acrylics on our backgrounds and trunks and then chose patterned collage pieces with colours that inspired us….I love this style of art as no two pieces are ever the same and yet all fabulous.  Next we played with stencils and other paints until our pieces were just perfect!  I will most probably be running this workshop again in the Summer and will try and sort a date soon.

I was thrilled with my tree as well but as I already have two I don’t think I need another one so am selling it via my SHOP …..why not take a look at this and my other pieces for sale.

Happy painting everyone…

Dawn x


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