Two Day Workshops?

Hi everyone

I have been thinking for a while about running a 2-day workshop as I know some of you don’t live near enough to come for 1-day and with fuel/train costs and accommodation it could work out quite expensive.

With this in mind I wanted to see what sort of 2-day workshop you would be interested in…..

Option 1 – a big project that would take two days to complete….for example my large Shirley Poppy canvas

Option 2 – two smaller projects….for example……Mixed Media Tree, Georgie Girl, Bibbles the Elephant, Gerbera, Holly Bear

A 2-day workshop would run on consecutive days, most probably a Monday and Tuesday with possible dates in the near future of 12/13th June and 7/8th August.  I would offer places first, to those travelling and staying overnight, followed by anyone wanting to book both days if Option 2 and finally any unfilled places would be available as individual one day workshops.

I would really love your thoughts on options and projects if you think a 2-day workshop is something you would like to come along to, so if you could email me back on or leave a comment on this post I would be very grateful.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Dawn x

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