Upcycling Workshop

An old frame, or nick-nack around the house…we’ve all got something that we used to love but now feel is past it’s time or a bootsale find that would look fab ‘done up a bit’ but we don’t know where to start… welcome to Upcycling!

Yesterday I showed my ladies how easy it is to take a piece and bring it up-to-date… and I think they did a great job!

I love this photo of the corner of Gayle’s frame as it shows how plain brown wood can be transformed into Shabby Chic heaven!
Linda’s pair of wooden frames were designed beautifully
and Honor’s mirror frame started out covered in a mixture of old paint and texture and is now a wonderful piece (only the mirror needs cleaning now!)
I have one place left when I re-run this workshop on the evening of Thursday 27th November so if you would like to come along contact me asap on 07896038125 or email dawncatmull@hotmail.com.
Dawn x 

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