Wonderful painting weekend :-)

After feeling I had lost my painting mojo the last few weeks, it was so great to spend the weekend painting a design I have loved by Vicki Nicholson.


What I really loved about painting this design was that it is painted with acrylics which I love but with many, many glazed layers using the addition of Jo Sonja Glazing Medium….no solid colour anywhere! 

The colours are gorgeous and work so well together throughout the design.  I now love Brown Madder, a colour I have had for years but barely used…to me it’s more a gorgeous red,  
and Paynes Grey, a colour I often use (it’s more of a blue) which when mixed with the reds produces gorgeous purples.
Hope you love my piece as much as me…am off into my studio to start a mixed media piece now…art is so diverse….LOVE IT.
Happy painting…
Dawn x

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