How to paint a Bear….on youtube

Over the last couple of weeks I have been filming and editing a youtube video of a gorgeous bear laying in some daisies.  I uploaded it to youtube a few days ago, breaking it into two parts….. How to paint a Bear – Part 1  where I demonstrate using just two colours for your bear with simple floating and liner work and How to paint a Bear – Part 2  where I add daisies around my bear with two-colour petals.

I would love to know what you think… I heading to Universal Studios for a new film career?  I think not….but hopefully you will be inspired to pick up a brush or two and have a go 🙂

Dawn x

2 thoughts on “How to paint a Bear….on youtube

  1. Hi Dawn
    I watched your teddy and Daisy you tube. I was very impressed. You showed how to load the brush and you worked slowly so that we can see your techniques. Well done.

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