Wowed by my floral beginners

Last Thursday was the last class in my three week Floral Beginners Course.  In week one my ladies, learnt how to hold and load their brushes correctly and paint simple petal strokes onto card….I’m not sure if they were expecting homework but they got it… the saying goes….practice makes perfect ha ha.

In week two we had a go at tip-loading our brush with a second colour and building a Chrysanthemum out of lots of strokes, followed by base-coating and sanding our wooden piece.  After another week of practice at home….everyone’s practice sheets were SO good :-)…… we all took a deep breath and…..painted the design, finishing it off with some iridescent paint and a chequered edge.

The finished pieces were superb and not only did everyone go home with a fab piece to be proud of but the techniques learnt will be used over and over again.

I love this design as you don’t have to use it as a whole and can break it down into small designs to use on cards etc….I will be adding it to my Shop as a pattern pack very soon.

Have a great week….

Dawn x

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